Assorted artifacts

Just some examples of the kind of visual and sound design I've produced recently. Full projects are recorded on the projects page.

The word Beadz (with a z) rendered in a modern, rounded font. The eyes of the a and d are joined like a connection in a circuit.
Beadz drum machine logo
Piano theme for an unmade film
The numeronym a11y, short for accessibility, rendered as a piece of graffiti. The 11 is the two raized fingers of a devils horns hand gesture
A11y Rocks sticker design
The game Snake, except the snakes are forming the shapes of three 6 figures
Making Future Interfaces: Inline SVG
Rough Shag (Boombastic by Shaggy, reimagined)
So Long (original punk 'n' roll track)
Expressive little cartoon light bulb
Hick Hop (psychobilly mashup)
Cartoon devil face
Making Future Interfaces: Algorithmic Layouts
Making Future Interfaces: ES Modules
A flower with an inverted pentagram for a head takes root.
Tattoo design
Sketch of a guitar amplifier. The text reads rock amp roll, with the amplifier (amp) representing the ampersand HTML entity
rock & roll
Wheelchair user, going fast, and holding an iPad aloft in one hand
Digital accessibility concept