Assorted artifacts

Just some examples of the kind of visual and sound design I've produced recently. Full projects are recorded on the projects page.

The game Snake, except the snakes are forming the shapes of three 6 figures
The numeronym a11y, short for accessibility, rendered as a piece of graffiti. The 11 is the two raized fingers of a devils horns hand gesture
A11y Rocks sticker design
Making Future Interfaces: Inline SVG
So Long (original punk 'n' roll track)
Sketch of a guitar amplifier. The text reads rock amp roll, with the amplifier (amp) representing the ampersand HTML entity
rock & roll
A flower with an inverted pentagram for a head takes root.
Tattoo design
The word Beadz (with a z) rendered in a modern, rounded font. The eyes of the a and d are joined like a connection in a circuit.
Beadz drum machine logo
Making Future Interfaces: Algorithmic Layouts
Making Future Interfaces: ES Modules
Hick Hop (psychobilly mashup)
Expressive little cartoon light bulb
Rough Shag (Boombastic by Shaggy, reimagined)
Piano theme for an unmade film
Wheelchair user, going fast, and holding an iPad aloft in one hand
Digital accessibility concept
Cartoon devil face