Working For People

2016 has not been an exemplary year in some ways. What with the anti-intellectualism and fascism and kleptocracy and all. And you know what? I'm not completely convinced everything's going to be okay again when the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve.

I'm not convinced the far right will develop a sudden fondness for anyone with a better tan than them, doctors and scientists will be respected and revered for actually knowing a thing or two, or Mike Pence's head will spontaneously fall off, exploding in a cloud of rainbow-colored sherbet.

What I'm doing

In the new year, I want to offer my services — at reduced rates * — to organizations who are doing good for society in the wake of neoliberalism and under the spectre of fascism; organizations who are trying to make things a bit better for ordinary and vulnerable people.

I'm only one person who can only make the tiniest difference and, hey, maybe I'm only doing this to quell my own guilt for having the privilege of being a white, male, english speaker. But anyway.

What I can offer

I'm a web designer/developer with 10+ years experience. I have two books published on interface design with Smashing Magazine. The latest, Inclusive Design Patterns, was released just a month ago and is set to sell out before Christmas. I worked as a front-end developer for several years with Neontribe, helping to design and create applications for folks with disabilities and mental health concerns, as well as for educational projects. I currently work with The Paciello Group who offer expert accessibility guidance to large organizations, mostly in the US. I have spoken (including keynotes) at large conferences in The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Romania, and the UK on interface design and web accessibility.

Who I'm offering work to

One type of organization I will not work for is any organization that uses resources to promote religion. So, for example, I'd be delighted to support the Muslim community but not the spread of Islamic doctrine. Another example would be a Christian organization which includes proselytising in its activities. I am a humanist and want to work with people, including religious individuals, if the cause and focus is to help other human beings in need.

I work remotely and I tend to restrict long haul travel for the sake of mental wellbeing and productivity.

Is this you?

Are you someone working for any such described organization? Or do you know someone who is? I'm available by email: