Star Trek TNG: First Impressions

Star Trek: The Next Generation was on TV in the UK when I was a little younger than Wesley Crusher, but I never watched it properly. I've started watching it on Netflix and I'm about twenty episodes into the first season. These are some notes I've made.

The set is very sterile. Reassuringly tidy though. No dashboard dross or the like.

I like how the first baddies introduced (the Ferenghi) are described as "capitalists" and therefore evil. They act a bit like the crappier orcs out of LOTR.

It's nice how everyone gets on so well with Worf. I expected a little bit more anti-Klingon racial tension, though. Be interesting if it came from Geordie. I like to imagine Worf's sash is from winning a beauty pageant.

It occurs to me the Klingons are a bit like the English. Wedded to the past and needlessly combative.

Doctor Crusher: Name of a hip-hop producer, face of someone who's very much not a hip-hop producer.

The Captain's role is bitter sweet. He's a sort of childless father. Comforting BBC Radio 4 voice.

I think Deanna Troi should have a smaller part. Way too much mission-critical stuff depends on her telepathic 'insights'. Doesn't seem like a good protocol. I imagine she was called Diana Troy, then changed her name when she found out she was a telepath. Pretentious.

The computer interfaces look to me like they could benefit from some clearer labeling and better differentiated colors.

All alien races like shiny clothes. Space is camp AF.

Yar is my second favorite after the Captain. I like that the security officer is a woman. Lovely, wispy hair.

There's something unseemly about Riker. He constantly looks like he's trying to brave his way through a sex scandal.

Wesley gets an inordinate amount of romantic attention. It's a mystery to me how.

Data scares the shit out of me. I know he's an android, but I just see a psychopath. I keep expecting him to suddenly and indiscriminately strangle one of the other crew members then tilt his head and say "most curious" when they stop struggling.

There are a lot of alien forces which all seem to exist for the sole purpose of creating existential crises.