Signs You May Be A Designer, Not Just A Coder

  1. You spend more time contemplating and discussing code than you do writing it.
  2. You spend more time thinking about how the end product affects users than you do about how pleasurable it is for you to write its code.
  3. You think in terms of relationships and systems, not just the thing you're coding up at the time.
  4. You choose technologies based on what they can achieve, not how new, trendy, or ergonomic they are.
  5. When a bug ticket is given to you, you take the time to consider what its implications are rather than just diving in to write it off your list.
  6. You're not happy to add new features just because it gives you something to do.
  7. You're not happy being told what to code or how to code it. You think you should be part of that decision making process.
  8. You think of code as means to an end. It's a tool for realizing design thinking.

Is this you? Then you are not a coder. You are a designer who is skilled in coding.