Sickly Headache

It occurs to me that some people looking for information on an ailment using the search term Sickly Headache might chance upon this music post. If you are one of these people, I recommend you DO NOT play the post's associated audio track. The title of the post (and track) refers to the woozy, uneasy sensation that the music evokes, making it somewhat difficult listening even for those who are not currently suffering from a migraine or the like.

Before you listen, make sure the volume of your audio is set at a normal level. Do not adjust: The track is supposed to start barely audibly.

Sickly Headache (mp3)

The piece is created with just one VST instrument - the Minimogue - which is a software emulation of the classic 1970 'Minimoog' analogue synthesiser. I sculpted the queasy sound from a basic preset before applying it to a very simple, repeated pattern. Whilst this pattern is played out, I gently raise the velocity curve so that the track slowly increases in intensity over its several-minute duration. At certain points, the bass notes sort of retrigger for some reason and I like the corrective, plunging glissando that this creates.

I'm a great admirer of the composer Penderecki and I think the gathering dissonance is somewhat reminiscent of his string sections (in a cheap sort of way). I've already likened the sound to a sickly headache; one of those migraine-like headaches you get which make you feel like throwing up. Perhaps you think it's evokative of something totally different?

Note: Due to the length of the track, I've slightly reduced the sound quality so that it loads a little faster on slow connections.