London Book Fair

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm fascinated by sea life - especially crabs. I keep two pet hermit crabs called Ian and Phillip and I have written and designed a picture book called Crabs Are Odd. You've probably seen the little ad spot for it floating around on HeydonWorks but there's more information — and a showcase of some of the different crab species featured in the book — on the dedicated site.

Although I've self-published it, I thought it might be interesting to go to the London Book Fair and talk to representatives of the larger publishing and distribution firms. Since the majority of delegates at the London Book Fair are there in a business to business role, I didn't feel there would be much to gain from approaching them as an author with a new title, so I went with a second, backup agenda: Try to get as many people as possible to pose in photographs clutching a large, pink hermit crab. I include a few of the better photo's here …

Crab at the London Book Fair 2011

Thanks to everyone for being such good sports and for all the helpful advice I was offered. Crabs are Odd is available from in a 19cm x 19cm perfect bound format.