For this experiment, I put my resonator through Gearbox's extraordinary 'Bronze Master' effect and bathed the resulting signal in expansive reverb.

Due to the Bronze Master's perculiar ability to help you create unusual harmonics and the resonator's sensitivity to soft plucking, a broad range of murky, eroded sounds can be achieved. At low velocities the sound is distant and muffled; at high velocities it's lively and sharp.

Dilapidated (mp3)

Notes tend to crackle and disintegrate prematurely, adding some atonal texture. Having opted for a mournful chord progression - cycled extremely slowly - I think the overall effect is reminiscent of an instrumental to be found on a (somewhat progressive) black metal record. Enjoy!

Note: The track is nearly seven minutes long so you may have to wait some time for it to load, depending on your connection speed.