Bobby Howitzer

Some time ago, my alter ego 'Bobby Howitzer' made a set of dirty rock 'n' roll mashups entitled New Rock and Roll is the New Rock and Roll. The original tunes were repurposed as the backing tracks for Bobby's high impact kareoke performances.

Bobby Howitzers New Rock and Roll Is The New Rock And Roll EP

The live collision of blues howling, plundered beats and chopped up riffs was popular but the original compositions were never made commercially available … until now. Via the excellent CD baby, you can now download the complete 8 track mini-album; 20 minutes (approx') of action-packed plunderphonic punk (with the vox samples intact, in case you were wondering).

Wrecked (mp3)

Included above as a taster is the track 'Wrecked', which you are welcome to download for free. In this example, each of the traditional parts are played by different bands: Swig provide the rhythm guitar, The Riverboat Gamblers provide the lead part, The Cramps provide drums, and The Flaming Sideburns contribute the main vocal. These are by no means the only samples (death metal band Entombed's vocalist L.G. Petrov sings the "I'm a wreck!" refrain, for a start) but they are the core elements in a sample-based tune that is oddly traditional in its structure, I think.