An App Icon Font

My 'Heydings Icons' font has been doing the rounds for some time now, and I am proud to have been one of the early innovators to release a completely free, embeddable icon font for web UI designers. However, until now I have singularly failed to promote the availability of Heydings Icons' companion font, 'Heydings Controls'. This is despite the fact that it has been available from Dafont and Font Squirrel for some months.

As I wrote in my original article for Heydings Icons, this set was intended specifically to decorate textual cues: I deliberately omitted the kind of application-like control symbols that are included in many other icon web fonts. I believed that symbols relating to interactions were sufficiently different from explanatory decorators to be treated separately.

Heydings Controls was designed as a sort of 'expansion pack' for Heydings Icons and covers a number of interactive controls ommitted from the original. It might be useful to view the two fonts as styles within the same family. The rule of thumb is that the Heydings Controls icons are ones you might use within an area of your document encapsulated by a <div> with an ARIA role of 'application'. The icons in this newer set are illustrated alongside the original icons below.

Heydings Icons and Heydings Controls combined
Heydings Controls icons are coloured gold.

You can download both sets of icons from my Font Squirrel page.

Heydings Icons on Font Squirrel