The track listing

A11y Rocks is a 13-tracker, with songs kindly donated by all of the artists. It’s quite a mix, to say the least, with drum and bass, rock and roll, heavy metal, folk, electronica, esoterica, eclectica and more.

  1. Man With Small F (The Inaccessible PDF song) — @terrillthompson
  2. Luck — @gorkamolero
  3. Swallows — @thatemil
  4. The Git Rap — @marak
  5. Invaders — @zeldman
  6. Imprecise and Infrared — @brucel
  7. Eatin' Dust (originally by Fu Manchu) — @heydonworks
  8. D'eau — @dotjay
  9. WCAG 2.0 Theme Song — @davidmacd
  10. The Reaper's Image — @axemonkey
  11. Carefree Weekend — @miripiruni
  12. Tour De Force — @brothercake
  13. Beach — @heidiwork

Have a listen

This is just a little mash-up I put together for showcasing some of the sounds on offer. It’s a partial story at best, but it was fun to make. If you have trouble with the player below, you can download this track.

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All proceeds will be evenly split between the organizations, Parkinson’s UK and NVAccess. The payment system will ask you to pay at least £3, but allows larger donations if you feel inclined. If you have any issues using their checkout, please contact me on and I’ll try to make other arrangements.